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Resources for Youths ranging
in age from 5-18 years

Our resource packages can be utilized by community groups, youth leaders, teachers, and volunteers involved in environmental and sustainability activities. These activities have been developed for youths ranging in age from 5–18 years. They are suitable for community-based groups such as nature refuges, aquariums, zoos, daycares, schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. and can be adapted to either a classroom or more informal outdoor setting.

Please browse our resource packages below. FORED resource packages will include activities, and depending on your order and availability of materials, may include posters, maps, brochures, reports, videos and other items from a variety of sources for balance. We reserve the right to substitute similar materials, subject to availability. If you would like to order any, you may e-mail us with your fax number to receive an order form or simply call or fax us for more information. Once you have made your selection by fax, we will invoice you for your order.

We request prepayment of processing fees, which include shipping. Fees are not charged for the materials themselves. As a non-profit association we charge a nominal amount for staff time. GST is applicable and is not included in processing fee. Payment is accepted by cheque, money order or credit card. Please allow up to one month for processing upon receipt of payment. We regret there are no substitutions, returns or exchanges.

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About 80 percent of all bird species in the world inhabit wetlands.
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