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Resources for Ages 5-9


  • Welcome to Forest Fun Series 1 (activity package for children aged 5 - 10)
  • Welcome to Forest Fun Series 2 (activity package for children aged 5 - 10)
  • The Living Forest (poster and activity sheet)

Students are led in a variety of hands-on activities that feature seasonal change. Bark rubbings, coniferous and deciduous tree identification games, and stump studies are only a few of the activities children participate in while they learn about tree growth, seeds, buds, fall leaves, snow, and animal habitat.



  •  Tree Products All Around Us (brochure)
  •  I Should Think Knot (activity)
  •  Wood in my Classroom (activity)
  •  Knock on Wood (activity)
  •  Wood Alphabet (activity)
  •  A Material World (activity)
  •  Wood Wonders (activity)
  •  How to Recycle Paper (activity)
  •  What Wood it Take? (activity)
  •  The World of Our Forests (poster)
  •  Paper (poster)
  •  Wooden Cube with neat facts
  •  Natural Resources Canada Statistics 1997/1998

Through a variety of activities, students brainstorm the many ways wood products are used in society and in their immediate environment. Students may be surprised to note that products, like rayon fabric, contain tree fibre. An excellent springboard for further student research.



  •  The Secret Life of a Tree (poster)
  •  Take a Trip Through a Tree (activity)
  •  BC Trees - Some Tips to Identification (brochure)
  •  Leaves and Needles (activity)
  •  Rough, Rough (activity)
  •  A Tree is Alive (activity)
  •  Tree Factory (activity)
  •  Look at Me, I'm a Tree! (activity)
  •  Healthy and Strong - Trees and Me (activity)


Students learn to identify different kinds of trees, using their characteristics, functions, tree parts, and how they are interrelated. Brainstorming activities, art projects, and other engaging tasks offer students an active learning process. Students also have the opportunity to compare the different parts of the tree to components of the human body.

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Methane gas can often be seen bubbling up from the bottom of ponds. It is produced by the decomposition of dead plants and animals in the mud.
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