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Featured Resource for Ages 10-13



  • The Forest Explorers (activity book)
  • Securing Our Future - Sustainable
    Forest Management in BC (booklet)
  • The World of Our Forests (poster)
  • The World of Our Forests (activity sheet)
  • A Forest for All (activity)
  • Natural Resources Canada Statistics
  • Tree Improvement in BC (pamphlet)


Animals, fish, hikers and loggers are only a few of the user groups students will consider as they challenge their perceptions of forest management and make decisions while juggling competing special interests. One activity uses the schoolyard as a model to spark debate on which users will have priority. Supporting information covers how trees make food, the greenhouse effect, tree products, recycling and conserving the forest. A popular paper-making activity that has students fashion handmade birthday or other special occasion cards, using pulp and flowers, is also in this package. BC forest statistics and trends are included for reference and extension assignments.


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