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Resources for Ages 10-13


  • Forest Connection (activity)
  • Cheers for Careers (activity)
  • Would I Like a Forest Career? (activity)
  • Careers Related to Forest Resources (activity)
  • Value-Added (booklet)
  • BC's Value-Added Strategy (booklet)
  • Careers with the BC Forest Service (booklet)
  • Natural Resources Canada Statistics 1997/1998

These classroom activities require students to identify their skills, interests, and goals, then relate those to a forest career. Students learn to define primary, secondary, and tertiary jobs within the forest sector. Career information is also enclosed for reference.


  • Seeds to Trees School Project (unit plan)
  • The Seed of a Tree (poster)
  • Seven Steps to a Seedling (brochure)
  • Seed Lottery (activity)
  • Green Side Up - A Guide to Tree Planting
  • Grow-Your-Own Tree Kit

Students can grow their own Western Redcedar as they learn about positive and negative change agents that influence the survival rate of wild vs. nursery-raised trees. Activities highlight seeds and sowing, the life cycle of the forest, competition in nature, forest enemies, and how people affect forests.



  • ForesTree Explorations (unit plan)
  • Paper for all Reasons (activity)
  • The Story of Paper and Paper-Making (activity)
  • How to Recycle Paper (activity)
  • Tree Products All Around Us (brochure)
  • Natural Resources Canada Statistics 1996/1997, 1997/1998


This package includes facts, statistics, lessons and activities on coniferous and deciduous trees of British Columbia. Topics include how trees and forests grow, tree products such as pulp and paper, and forest management for a variety of values. The paper-making activity is always a favourite of students.



  • Tree Book (ID key)
  • Forest Regions of Canada (map)
  • Forest Regions of Canada (activity)
  • Tree Measurement: Height, circumference, and diameter (activity)
  • How Trees Grow (activity)
  • Deciduous and Coniferous Tree Identification (activity)
Students learn about tree growth and identification as they study BC trees and Canadian forest regions. Aboriginal uses of trees as well as modern day uses of tree species are included in this package.


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