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Featured Resource for Ages 14-18

Forest Resources, Management,
Economy ($10)



  • BC Forest Practices Code: An
    International Comparison (pamphlet)
  • Economics of Forest Industry in BC
  • Tending the Forest, Silviculture,
    Planning, and Resource Inventory
    (FOREM activity modules)
  • Securing the Future (booklet)
  • Natural Resources Canada Statistics
  • News release and information on
    BC’s Private Forest Land

Students walk in foresters’ footsteps as they estimate tree heights prior to harvesting or preserving. This activity can be done in any forest setting. To obtain a global perspective, students are encouraged to study the differences between the facts and statistics on BC’s forest industry with those of other countries (information provided). Tracing the trends and rises or falls in employment, exports and other economic data can be done with the handy profiles included. Students may be encouraged to be economists and do their own ‘forecasts’ for the industry based on the information they know.


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