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Prescribed Learning Outcomes Complemented by this Activity
  • safely carry out instructions and procedures involving a small number of steps (Science K-3)
  • describe the similarities and differences between simple objects (Science K-3)
  • illustrate and decorate (Fine Arts 2-3)
  • estimate and count objects in a set (0 to 50) and compare estimates to the actual number (Mathematics K-1)
  • identify a variety of job and volunteer situations in the community, including paid and unpaid work (Personal Planning – Career Exploration K-3)
  • demonstrate understanding of their responsibility to local and global environments (Social Studies 2-3)


Related Cross-Curricular Area
        •   Environment and Sustainability
        •   Applied Focus in Curriculum

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Above photos credits include the Tree Book, Eyewitness
Books (Tree) and Audubon Society Pocket Guides.

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The katydid bug hears through holes in its hind legs.
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