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Below is a sampling of the encouraging feedback FORED BC
has received from communities, opinion leaders, and partners.

First Nations

“The Landscapes designers have done a beautiful job. I can see why you won Best Association Magazine in Canada . The design makes you want to read it. It's very visual and helps you see. Aboriginal communities are very visual learners. I like the learning resource section. As a personnel manager for first nations, I look at training resources. We also have an education coordinator I will forward Landscapes on to.”

- Louse Parker, Personnel Manager, Taku River Tlingit First Nation, Atlin , BC

“I would appreciate being added to your mailing list for Landscapes. I currently work as a home school instructor. As well, I work part-time for the Skawahlook First Nation.”

- Gina Peters, Chilliwack


“Just a note to send our congratulations to you and the staff at FORED for winning the prestigious Communications Award of Excellence for Best Magazine in Canada . A lot of hard work has gone into this magazine and the integrity of Landscapes speaks volumes.”

- Maureen Lipkewich, Mining Association of BC

“I just started with the City of Coquitlam Parks and Rec, doing their programming for the environmental services and this great newsletter, Landscapes, has been brought to my attention. I've never come across it in the past, but it's an excellent resource tool for my instructors and I'm wondering how I can get a copy. I'd like to know how I can receive this publication quarterly.”

- Jenny Buday, Recreation Leader, City of Coquitlam , Parks & Open Space Services

“Landscapes is very interesting and informative.”

- Janet Rogers, Career Development Office, North Vancouver

“Thank you very much for sending us Landscapes. It is full of interesting reports and information. It certainly stimulates my thinking about how this school can help students learn about the forest and their present and future roles as caretakers of the forests.”

- John Vanderhoek, Penticton

“I just picked up an issue of Landscapes. I think it's a really good periodical. If you could send it to us on a regular basis that would be appreciated.”

- Andrew Martin, Librarian, Vancouver Public Library

“I have browsed through a copy of Landscapes magazine and was impressed by the articles and information.”

- C.E. Check, Port Hardy

I recently got my first issue of Landscapes and found it very impressive. Congratulations on such a wonderful newsletter.”

- Luba Mycio-Mommers, Canadian Wildlife Federation

“What a beautiful teaching resource. So easy to read and great graphics.”

- Sherry Peterson, Merritt , BC

“May I commend you on the excellence of your publication? Its professional appearance and interesting content makes it enjoyable to read and collect.”

- Marie Decaire, Secretary Treasurer, Hotel Restaurant and Culinary Employees and Bartenders Union, Vancouver

“I was impressed to see the quality of work you deliver, especially with Landscapes and your website. Congratulations.”

- Nico Human, Coordinator, AgAware BC

“Your magazine is first class and if there is anything we can do to help or contribute, I'd be pleased to do so.”

- Jamie H. Graham, Chief Constable, Vancouver Police Department

“It's one of those things I have never gotten around to letting you know, what a terrific publication Landscapes is. I read it from cover to cover and always read certain articles more than once. I share your information with teaching colleagues, support staff and students. I quote your articles in parents' newsletters. Your publication not only informs me, but it makes me think and re-think!”

- Mary Phillips, Work Experience Facilitator, Mission , BC

“The article on Storyeum in Landscapes was fantastic and very well received throughout the organization.”

- Kathleen Harvey, Marketing Director, Storyeum, Vancouver BC

“First Jobs story was most interesting – personal histories always appeal – appreciated many female representatives in what often appears to be a male-dominated area. My copy gets passed around among staff members, usually with something I think they will find relevant highlighted.”

- Sylvia Helmer PhD, Vancouver


“I am a recent graduate of the Natural Resources Conservation Program at UBC Forestry and I recently came across your newsletter. What a neat publication! You have some really interesting articles, not to mention fabulous graphics.”

- Kate Bottriell, Vancouver

“Hello, a friend of mine showed me your Landscapes magazine and I liked what I saw. I was wondering if I could get put on your mailing list. Thank you. Lots of Luck!!”

- Andria Stafford, Fort Nelson , BC


“Your publication is fabulous. The full-colour format is so refreshing.”

- Kent Waddington, Canadian College of Health Service Executives, Ottawa , ON


“The article Global Warming (in FORED BC newsletter, Landscapes) was most interesting because of its relationship to our Environmental Education course here at UBC.”

-David Brown, Teacher, UBC Faculty of Education

“FORED takes excellent initiatives to better students' knowledge of forestry.”

-Donna Scofield, Prince George School Services Officer


“I've been really impressed with the information in the articles and the balance. As a former publisher, I'm also impressed with the layout too.”

- Richard Stewart, MLA, Coquitlam-Maillardville

“Thank you for including Statistics Canada on your mailing list. The variety and currency of information in each edition of Landscapes is impressive.”

- Marion Smith, Statistics Canada , Vancouver

“Thank you for sending me the latest issue of Landscapes – which continues to be a very informative and well presented newsletter.”

- Henry J. Benskin, Director, Research Branch, BC Ministry of Forests

“I wanted to compliment you on your Landscapes Magazine. It is beautiful, well-written interesting stories with great photos. Well done.”

- Carolyn Mitchell, Fire Information Officer, South East Fire Centre, BC


“I read Landscapes from cover to cover. Congratulations on your award.”

- Janet Steffenhagen, Vancouver Sun

NGOs/Volunteer Partners

“I recently received copies of Landscapes and would like to express my enjoyment of this valuable newsletter.”

- Neala MacDonald, Canadian Nature Foundation

“I was pleased to see the Spring edition of Landscapes touch upon the important role of registered professional foresters (RPFs). There are many misconceptions about what a forester is and how BC's nearly 3,000 RPFs contribute to forest management. Publications such as Landscapes are an important tool for enhancing the public's knowledge of forestry and I welcome the opportunity to provide you with further information about the work of professional foresters.”

- Sarah Goodman, Association of BC Professional Foresters, Vancouver

“I just received the latest edition of Landscapes and I wanted to say thank you. I am the former Executive Director of BC Biotech and very much enjoyed reading Landscapes and contributing to it in terms of careers in biotech. I continue to focus my career in biotech and I am even doing some forest biotech work right now. Great publication – please keep up the great work.”

- Theresa Kennedy, Hill and Knowlton

“We find Landscapes magazine very helpful and a great addition to our resource area.”

- Joanne Norman, Administrative Manager, Fraser River Discovery Centre

“What an informative publication! The Foundation appreciates the opportunity to inform Landscapes readership about the PCF and visitors to your website.”

- Shaundra Carvey, Publications Officer, Petroleum Communication Foundation, Calgary

“Thank you for including the TRIUMF article. I must congratulate you for producing such a fine publication.”

- Alan Shotter, TRIUMF, Vancouver

Beyond BC

“Thanks so much for the featured article about the Staten Island Children's Museum. The article really captured the atmosphere at the Museum accurately and eloquently. Thanks again for your story and for sending a copy of the publication, which, by the way, is fascinating.”

- Marjorie Waxman, Director of External Affairs, Staten Island Children's Museum, NY

“Dear Landscapes, I enjoy your newsletter. Good work!”

- Bob Willard, Author “The Sustainability Advantage”

“Thanks for sending a copy of Landscapes which included your article “Reflections on an Unforgettable Year”. Your story will be added to the many wonderful articles written by journalists from around the world in the last year.”

- Arleen L. Kropf, Communications Manager, NYC & Company, NY

“Your Landscapes newsletter is really extraordinary. Thank you for sharing it with us.”

- Amy Krause, Evergreen Theatre Society, Calgary , AB


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