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Thanks for getting more involved with FORED and with community -based education about the environment, natural resources and sustainability in BC! To apply to become a volunteer, just fill out the following web form, and a FORED representative will contact you promptly with appropriate opportunities.

The following information will be kept in confidence by FORED. Only biographical and occupational descriptions may be released in order to match a speaker to topic request. Volunteers' phone numbers will be retained by FORED.

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Environmental sustainability offers a rich and diverse subject area. FORED BC has suggested some topics that would be of interest to community groups, youths and First Nations. Please check one or more from the list below or suggest topics you are comfortable with.

Careers in the Environment Sector
Integrated Resource Management
Socio-Economic Impacts of Natural Resources
Fish and Wildlife Management/Endangered species
Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making
First Nations Forestry Partnerships
Science and Technology in the Environment
Timber and non-timber related forest products
Marketing BC's Natural Resources to the World
Small Business & the Environment
Sustainable Business Tools and Measurement

Your topic suggestions are welcome!

The first trees to move into a newly cleared forest area are called pioneer species. Pioneer species are wind-resistant and like full sun. They in turn provide the shade and protection needed by the next group of tree species.
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