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Community Sustainability Best Practices Templates

FORED developed the AHEAD program to support the community development aspirations of First Nations. The specific undertakings in the program commit FORED to develop communication tools that support “aboriginal community discussion guides for community meetings on sustainable development options.” Other aspects of the program make a specific commitment by FORED to “enhance the ability of First Nations to form external partnerships and encourage mentorship” by Aboriginal professionals with Aboriginal youth.

The attached information guides have been developed to meet those obligations. They are based on extensive research and interviews with a number of First Nations professionals in BC and discussions with recognized professionals in community development.

FORED developed communication Tools…to encourage "mentorship” by Aboriginal professionals with Aboriginal youth

First Choices First Nations

BC employers, post-secondary institutions & First Nations are engaged in creative programs to advance career & educational opportunities for Aboriginal youth. This publication salutes their success! We welcome your comments to

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FORED has provided some models, articles and links to help your community implement a sustainability plan. We've also provided some original templates following our workshops with First Nations and other communities. Please explore the links below for ideas.

Cool Vancouver News
Cool Vancouver News is a newspaper about climate change for adult learners. Cool Vancouver News explains what climate change is, how climate change affects us, and how we can fight climate change in Vancouver . These best practices ideas can be adapted for any community. To download a pdf version of Cool Vancouver News, click here. Cool Vancouver News has accompanying Instructors' Notes with classroom activities and exercises for a variety of teen and adult audiences. To download the Instructors' Notes, click here.

Business Guide for First Nations Forestry - This business guide for sustainable First Nations forestry was produced in partnership with the Aboriginal Forest Industries Council and FORED BC as part of a series of provincial workshops with First Nations leaders.


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