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Spirit of Vancouver Award Video

Feature stories for 2001

A Howling Reception  
Global Environmental Educators Meet in The Yukon
Protecting a Natural Heritage  
Choices For Sustainability
Defining Cool in a Hot Market
Dot Com Dits Deep for Education
Dr. Zonk and the Kids
Business Future in The Cards
Educating Canadians about the Environment
Essentials of Excellence/Youth Forum on Sustainability
Fored Web
Forgotten Audience
Green Genes/Business Survey
Interview with Cheryl Ziola, President
Learning Through the Arts
New Environmentalists
Partnership of Memories/Retooling Activism
Red Planet Rover/Computer Clubhouses
Voice Heard in the Wilderness

The Lower Mainland, southeast Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands make up less than 3% of the area of BC but contain two-thirds of its people.
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