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We host an annual youth art, photography and video contest celebrating the importance of forests in our daily lives, from parks to homes to Indigenous cultural values. $150 cash prizes are awarded to winners. Click details below for contest entry requirements and view current and past winners below.

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National Forest Week Art Contest: Text

2023 Contest Winners

Congratulations to
Trea, École Francophone Kimberley students, Adeeb & Matthew!
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National Forest Week


Open to all Canadian youths aged 5-18. Winners will be from BC with additional winner(s) from across Canada.

  • Participants must include:

    • Their name

    • Home mailing address (for prize cheque)

    • Phone & email address (or parent contact)

    • Grade, teacher and school name

  • All student submissions must be their original photography, artwork or video.

    • Photos & videos should note the date and locations.

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2023 Theme: Canada’s Forests - Supporting Biological Diversity

Submissions should depict how our forests support diverse living things in an ecosystem.

Some examples are: homes for animals; plants supporting other plants (ex. nurse stumps); relationships between bacteria, plants & animals. Forests also support humans through: recreation, products, pharmaceuticals like cancer drugs, jobs, and Indigenous culture & uses.

  • By participating in this contest, entrants agree that their names and submissions can be published in local media and on FORED social media channels.

  • All entrants qualify for complimentary, honourary youth membership at FORED BC.

  • All artistic mediums accepted: i.e. pencil, crayon, paint, mural, collage, photos, videos... 

  • Only winners will be notified.

  • Mailed submissions cannot be returned.

  • Videos must be less than 3 min.

  • For large video files, you can use the free emailer WeTransfer (no sign-in required).

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Nov. 3, 2023

Submission info:

All entries may be submitted electronically (.jpg, .png, .pdf, .mp4 OR .MOV all acceptable) to education(at) Minimum 2 MB HIGH Resolution (no blurry photos please). Or by mail: #213 4481 W 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6R 4R8.

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National Forest Week Art Contest: Text

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