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Landscapes is an award-winning print magazine named Best Association Magazine in Canada by the Canadian Society of Association Executives in 2001. Launched in 1994, its stories remain a valuable resource to teachers and communities across BC.

Landscapes: Our Causes
This photo is taken by Lubos Volkov for UX Store while giving a tips on how to become better designe

Mary Phillips, Work Experience Facilitator, Mission, BC

I read it from cover to cover and always read certain articles more than once. I share your information with colleagues, support staff and youths. I quote your articles in parents’ newsletters. Your publication not only informs me, but it makes me think and re-think!

Landscapes: Testimonials


Some of the most popular issues of Landscapes are available to view.

Forestry in crisis, Teachers teaching teachers and VSB Sustainability Fair.

Choosing an environmentally-friendly home? Jeopardy on UBC campus.

Climate hysteria not helpful (Dr. Andrew Weaver), Indigenous news & Resource Facts

Teaching trades, Indigenous news, and Resource Facts

Teaching tools, Indigenous news, National Forest Week winners

Teaching tools, Indigenous news, and Resource Facts

Sustainability Trends and Innovation in Communities, Countries and Cultures

A look at climate change impacts beneath the surface; the connection between community infrastructure, densification and carbon emissions, and how small bugs can drive decisions with big environmental impacts.

Greenwashing and community development; competing claims for climate change; and reports on recent program initiatives.

How nature works to cleanse the air, a look at the green credentials of BC's film sector and the demands that cities put on  water resources and foodlands.

The impact of restaurants on coral reefs, how three cities took a green approach when faced with hosting the Olympics, and a look at the role of carbon credits in removing the guilt (but not the impact) of greenhouse gas emissions.

Landscapes: List
Blue Lake

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