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AGE 10-13

A variety of activities on a number of topics are both online (click titles) & downloadable in pdf below. These activities were created by teachers, volunteers and outdoor education experts for complimentary use by schools, non-profit organizations, parents and anyone who wants to help create a more sustainable future.

Youth Activities 10-13: Mission


In this activity, students will use unique languages for creating and communicating through dance, drama, music & visual arts. Students will be able to identify local tree species used in instruments, share and record their observations, and appreciate the contribution of trees to their lives.

Students get to challenge their creativity in this activity where they design an original insect or create a model of an existing insect. Students are encouraged to speculate about the habitats of their bugs, what their predators and prey may be, and where they may fit in the food chain. This activity is also a great science fair project as well!

Youth Activities 10-13: List
1 Seven Steps to a Seedling.png

Check out this exciting activity to learn how to grow your own seedling!

Image by mana5280


Youth Activities 10-13: List

This will provide students with extended opportunities to become familiar with different endangered species and to further investigate the impacts of animal extinction. In addition, students will develop critical thinking and persuasive writing skills through a thoughtful analysis of animal endangerment.

Through a fun game, students will be able to describe the difference between the terms endangered/extinct, analyze the impact of humans on other living things as a result of human, social and economic activities, and compare/contrast three endangered species and their habitats in BC.

These are brief ideas on various topics with suggestions for methods of teaching. Feel free to adapt and use these ideas as a base point for lesson creativity.

Students will learn to compare and contrast habitats and determine which habitats are facing serious problems, understand the importance of changes in a habitat, and appreciate the importance of being socially responsible about their environment.

This activity teaches students to discuss problems that wild animals and plants face from humans, list examples of how personal feelings and beliefs can affect situations involving wild organisms, and make decisions about a value-related plant/animal issue.


This activity teaches students about soil erosion through a hands-on experiment looking at soil over time. Big ideas incorporated in this lesson plan include that all living things sense and respond to their environment and that earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle.

Students will understand the interconnection between living and non-living things in the local environment and our shared responsibility to care for them; integrating knowledge shared from local Indigenous Peoples communities. Students will also be able to suggest how natural and human-made actions affect our local environment.

This activity, provided courtesy of the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers and modified by FORED BC, fosters an understanding of Indigenous contributions to Canadian society and the importance of sustainability, stewardship and wise management of our natural resources.

This lesson is designed to teach students about environmental issues. Students will learn how to address serious world issues, both informing and encouraging them to take positive action.

Paper is made from trees, but also from recycled paper. This is a compilation of activities that will help students learn more about paper products and recycling.

Students will follow a procedure to create paper. They will be able to discuss and understand the resources involved in paper making.

This activity is designed to raise awareness about the challenges of climate change and to engage students in critical thinking on solutions. After brainstorming and researching current information, students will create a classroom book.

Through an interactive, exciting, outside experiment with a small body of running water, students will discover the organisms needed to maintain a healthy creek.

This investigative activity encourages students to think critically and act as environmental detectives. Students will look at their environment differently, stretching their imagination and creativity to their fullest potential.

Youth Activities 10-13: List
Oil derrick

Students will reflect on the many oil and gas products used in their daily lives at home and school, and consider whether alternatives are available.

Youth Voices & Volunteers

Youth Voices & Volunteers

Youth Voices & Volunteers
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Meet Elle, a Korean International Student Experiencing BC's Sustainable Forests

Meet Elle, a Korean International Student Experiencing BC's Sustainable Forests

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Hero of the Planet

Hero of the Planet

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Volunteer to a New Career!

Volunteer to a New Career!

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New Poll Finds Canada's Youths Support Our Natural Resources

New Poll Finds Canada's Youths Support Our Natural Resources

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Youth Activities 10-13: Video Player
Image by Jay Heike


These activities will help you, your school, family, and community prevent forest fires from spreading. Some simple steps can make all the difference.

Youth Activities 10-13: List

An educational resource package, which assists teachers in promoting student learning through diverse lesson plans that illustrate how homes, schools and communities can all play a role in preventing forest fire. FireEd will bring the issues and excitement of forest firefighting to your classroom.

These are the activities that go along with the FireEd manual and provide teacher assessment tools.

This illustrated guide focuses on how individuals and communities can work together to reduce the risk of loss of life and structures from forest fires in Canada. It provides practical tools and information for use. FireSmart is based on the best available scientific information at the time of publication. 

- FireSmart Canada

The recommendations in this manual will help reduce the risk of wildfire near your home and neighbourhood and provide a better opportunity for firefighters to defend your home.

- FireSmart BC


Classroom Adaptations for Students with Special Needs & Learning Difficulties

Little girl participating in a wheelchair basketball training session._edited.png
Youth Activities 10-13: Image
Youth Activities 10-13: Files


for Students with Special Needs & Learning Difficulties


Tips and techniques provided by a VSB Student and School Support Worker

Special Needs Tools Preview