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To celebrate the rich culture and heritage of BC's Indigenous peoples, FORED sponsors an annual art, photography & video contest for all Indigenous youth on the theme of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge & Medicine with $150 cash prizes. 

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Some previous award winners are also featured in the carousel below.

Traditional Knowledge Art Contest: Text

DEADLINE: May 19/23

Submission info:

All entries may be submitted electronically (.jpg, .png, .pdf, .mp4 OR .MOV all acceptable) to education(at)

Minimum 2 MB (no blurry photos please).

Or by mail: #213 4481 W 10th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6R 4R8.

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Traditional Knowledge Art Contest: Membership


Open to all Canadian youths ages 5-18 with First Nations, Inuit, Metis, or self-declared ancestry.

  • Participants must include:

    • Brief description of how their original artwork, photography or video relates to traditional knowledge and medicine

    • Their name

    • Band affiliation or ancestry

    • Home mailing address (for prize cheque)

    • Phone & email address (or parent contact)

    • Grade, teacher and school name


Theme: Indigenous Traditional Knowledge & Medicine

Interview a local elder or show off your homemade salal tea on video? Creativity of all kinds is welcomed.

Prize: 4 x $150 prizes. Group work is eligible with a shared prize.

  • Artwork can be any size or artistic medium.

  • Videos must be less than 3 min.

  • Mailed artwork cannot be returned.

  • Winners' names and entries can be published in local media, on FORED social media channels & website, and showcased in Ministry of Education offices in Victoria on National Indigenous People's Day, June 21.

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Winners 2023

Scroll slider for all winners. Click for high-resolution images.


Indigenous Traditional Knowledge & Medicine

Contest Feedback from a BC Teacher (Okanagan)

Traditional Knowledge Art Contest: Text
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Traditional Knowledge Art Contest: Mission


Traditional Knowledge Art Contest: Text
Traditional Knowledge Art Contest: Pro Gallery

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Traditional Knowledge Art Contest: Text

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