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Sustainable Communities & Neighbourhoods

FORED's Sustainable Communities & Neighbourhoods (SCAN) program provides resources for use in communities throughout BC, from Kelowna to Victoria. The BC Ministry of Education has officially “recommended” our aboriginal culture package Exploring Aboriginal Culture: Then and Now as a suitable learning tool for all BC youths taking Social Studies 11.

SCAN also offers FIRE Education (FIRE ED) to youth and community leaders throughout BC. The resource provides practical recommendations and processes to help make homes & towns FireSmart and mitigate the risk of wildfires.  


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SCAN: Our Causes

Watch our video below for forest fire prevention tips.

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Is your home at risk of forest fire? Watch these fire prevention tips!
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SCAN: Videos

Remember To Put Out Your Campfire!

Humans create as many as 55% of our annual forest fires that devastate communities, leaving people and animals homeless.  

Learn how your community can be more FIRESMART here. You can click on the poster below if you want to download it for display in your community.

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SCAN: Welcome

Firesmart Workshop with Lheidli T’enneh First Nations in Prince George

FORED BC SOCIETY worked directly with Prince George area First Nations, the BC Ministry of Forests, and the Office of the Fire Commissioner to help those in remote areas create a more FireSmart Community.

"Educate the youth and elders.”
- Larry Stewart, Indigenous workshop participant

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SCAN: About


FORED regularly invites non-profit group leaders, teachers, government and industry to share their activities and inspirational lesson plans for others to use.  We offer a contest with cash prizes to obtain high-quality instructional materials provided by volunteers. See some of the previous submissions in our Youth Activities pages. For more information, such as Contest Details and Judging Criteria click on the link below.

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SCAN: Philosophy


To aid your research and balanced educational endeavors, we've compiled a variety of sustainability resource links and best practices from government, industry and conservation groups. Topic areas include: agriculture, oil/gas, forestry, mining, rivers, lakes & oceans, and a special section on careers for youth.

Choose from the many complimentary resources available here, free to use in your classroom, office, home or community.

Some organizations will even offer guest speakers, complimentary activities and  tours. 

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Based on extensive research and interviews with First Nations professionals and community development leaders in BC, these resources:

  • Support the sustainable community development goals of Indigenous Peoples.

  • Help create external partnerships 

  • Encourage mentorship between Indigenous professionals and Indigenous youth.

Click on any of the resources below for details.

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